Easy Website Build Options

We’ve developed our Easy Build Options from years of speaking directly to Tradies and small business owners in Noosa, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and even across Australia, hearing the issues which concern them most when it comes to building a new website.

If you can give us an hour of your time we can plan out your entire website and collect the required information from you to write the content for your new website.

In most cases all we need from you are the images of your work which are usually on your phone. We really do take the hassle and time out of building your new website!



Once your new website is built you won't be alone. Our local aussie support is on hand to help you out whenever you need it.

Content Management System

Every website we build comes with an easy-to-use content Management system (CMS) so you can make updates yourself.

Fully Mobile Optimised

Every website we build is fully mobile optimised & responsive for smartphones, tablets, laptops & desktops.

Lead Conversion Optimised

Every website we build comes with Lead Conversion optimisation. We will design your website to convert leads for your business.

Hacker Security

Every website we build comes with hacker security and a 100% Website Backup so you always have a second copy of your site.

Contact Form

Every website we build comes with a contact form for lead generation. If your website isn't generating leads it's not doing its job.

Why we build with WordPress?

With 26% of all websites on the internet powered by WordPress, it is the most trusted, reliable & cost effective website building platform in the world. It’s flexible, highly customisable, user-friendly, & a great content management system (CMS). We are experts at building high performing, beautiful WordPress websites.

Our Process

  • Step 1


    We'll meet with you & discuss your website requirements

  • Step 2


    We'll help you choose keywords which will give your site the best chance of attracting customers

  • Step 3


    We can provide you design options to choose from or you can tell us what you want

  • Step 4


    You'll provide us your content & images. We can help here if you need

  • Step 5


    We provide you with a version 1 of your site. You tell us what you want changed then we launch.

Web Design Brisbane

Nowadays, much about business success has to do with having a competent digital marketing strategy. And most successful digital marketing strategies have a thing to do with what the eyes can see and making the most out of it. Being a rising digital hub, working with a competent

website developer in Brisbane

is crucial to ensure that your website is responsive and functional.

But before all the coding, integrations, and content planning begins, there’s one phase in every website creation process that demands a lot of careful thought ⁠— web design. Having a professional looking website that will serve as the foundation of your entire digital marketing strategy is crucial to modern business success. 

As of writing, there are approximately  200 million active websites on the internet, and the number continues to increase by the second. More and more businesses and organizations are taking active measures to create a strong online presence.

In a sea of websites in Australia and around the world, how can you make YOUR website different? Simple, by owning it. You set yourself apart by visually translating your business’ values into the screen with the help of competent web designers.

With your business needs and branding into consideration, web designers create a design where each element doesn’t just look good but also serves a purpose. Web designers can help you ensure that you give a good impression to your customers and encourage an increase in brand awareness.

Complete Website Design Brisbane

Your website plays a huge role in your overall digital marketing strategy. It’s where most of your sales leads will come from, and where most content from external platforms will redirect potential customers to. 

As the main online platform for your business, it’s where your customers will naturally turn to when looking for information about you, your services or to reach out for inquiries or complaints. This is why all pages, along with all the elements within them, should have a purpose, and encourage the site visitors to take some kind of action. 

A lot more than picking colours and fonts

Web design isn’t just about having a colour palette or putting images and text together. It should retain the element of digital marketing in the entire process. This means that the design should be created with SEO, the target audience and digital strategy in mind. 


Your website design should look elegant, organized and professional without necessarily complicating the coding process, which could affect the website’s loading speed. The slow loading speed can negatively affect your SEO strategy as it’s one of the bases of functionality and ranking in search engines. 

Moreover, it’s a web designer’s job to ensure that your website looks stunning even after all the content has been optimized (placement of images, text size, and typography for headers, and appearance of the call-to-action buttons among many others).

Preferences and UX

Apart from SEO, remember that your web design must be created for your customers. This means you have to base your website’s colour palette, typography, grid, effects, and content according to the preference of your target audience. 

Aside from that, a good web design should prioritize the site visitor’s ease of use among many others. This means creating user flows and making sure that each step of the flow made within the website promotes a consistently pleasant experience. 

Digital Marketing Strategy

Each element must be selected to help advance your digital marketing goals. The content of your website must also entice them to avail your service or at least subscribe to your content.

Call to actions must be present and must be immediately noticeable at first glance. Your services must be well laid out and easy to find. Your contact and subscription forms must also look just as appealing as the rest of your website to aid in lead generation.  

Website Development Brisbane

If you’re running a business or planning to create a website, it’s best to get professionals in web design and web development in the Brisbane area specifically. Since we’re around the area, we can tell you the latest trends in web design among tradies and local businesses and how we can translate it into web development.

Specifically hiring in

web development Brisbane

may be beneficial for you especially once the web design work is finished. It allows you to personally meet with your web developers and discuss in detail your goals for your website to ensure that everything is done in the way that you want it to be.

Essentially, Our complete website design service allows you to:

  • Ensure that your web design aligns with your SEO and digital marketing campaign
  • Keep your website visitors happy and engaged
  • Use web design as a tool to influence your site visitors’ buying decisions
  • Create a visually competitive web design with secure and professional web development

Professional Web Design Company Brisbane

There are many web design companies in the Brisbane area alone. However, when looking for professional web designers to work on your website, it’s important to work with people who can combine skills, professionalism, and technical know-how.

We, at Web Coach, offer professional web design services to clients with values based on trust and accountability. We offer a complete quote with no hidden fees and offer expert guidance when needed.

With 10 years of experience in the industry, we have worked with different businesses across various industries. We’re proud to say that we’ve watched trends come and go, and can offer expert advice when needed by clients during the planning process.

We meet with our clients or go on calls to keep them updated before, during and after the website creation process. We understand that all business owners want to know the latest updates on their website, and we guarantee to keep you posted on each milestone.

Each website we create guarantees to help you in your marketing strategy: 

  • Support – You will not be alone when the new site is launched. A local Aussie Web Coach will provide you hands-on support every time you need it.
  • Lead Conversion Optimisation – Each site that is created comes with lead conversion optimization. It means that every site is designed to convert leads for your business.
  • Complete Mobile Optimisation – Each website created is fully optimized for mobile devices. It can be accessed using tablets, desktops, laptops, and smartphones without any problem.
  • Built-In Content Management System – The website we create comes with a content management system that enables you to make updates by yourself.
  • Hacker Protection: Each site has Wordfence security and a complete backup to make sure that you have a safe second copy of the site.
  • Contact Form – We also make sure that the site has a built-in contact form to facilitate lead generation. A site without lead generation is a missed opportunity.


Intuitive Small Business Web Design Brisbane

For a time, having a website wasn’t considered a necessity for small businesses. But with almost everything going digital, and more people using the internet, a shift happened. It was no longer about whether small businesses should be on the internet, but rather, how they can utilize the platform to compete while scaling. 

If you’re an owner of a small business in Brisbane, we understand how scrunched up your time can be. Being in the industry for a decade, we understand the pains of small business owners and try to work in a way that will make website creation easy for them.

At Web Coach, we:

  • Understand that you’re trying to scale
  • Do intuitive purposeful web design
  • Make future publishing of content so much easier 

You’re trying to scale

We understand that you’re in the process of building your business into the empire that you want it to be. For that reason, you really don’t have all the time in the world to stay updated on every little update about the entire website creation process.

We believe that time constraint isn’t a hurdle that’s impossible to overcome. This is why we’ve created a system where creating your web design becomes much easier for you. We hop on a meeting or call for an hour, discuss the terms and your vision. We’ll ask you specific questions, and then we’ll get started!

Intuitive purposeful web design

As a small business, you’re either trying to get a strong footing in the industry you belong to, or you’re already trying to scale. And so, as your partner in the website creation process, we want to provide value.

We want to help you increase brand awareness and promote a positive website experience that can help influence the buying decisions of your potential customers. We want to help you get a strong following through intuitive and purposeful web design. Your website will not only look stunning but will also act as an easy avenue for your customers to view your services.

Make publishing content so much easier

Creating a website is only the beginning of what would be a long digital marketing journey for your business. Often times, this journey includes creating content to sustain your SEO strategy, provide valuable information to your target market, and build credibility in your industry.

We want to make publishing content easier for you by creating your website through a Content Management System (CMS) that many businesses rely on, WordPress. WordPress powers about 25 percent of websites around the world. 

It is the world’s most trusted, reliable, and affordable website creation platform. Aside from its visually appealing designs and user-friendly content management system, it is well known for its high-level flexibility and customization.