Is your website leaking customers? – Part 2

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As we discussed in our last email, when potential customers visit your website are you happy with what they see? Is your website portraying your business favourably to potential customers? Most importantly, are you missing out on potential customers because your website is scaring them away?

These are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself to ensure your website is not leaking valuable customers.

How to keep potential customers on your website!

  1. As you would know from your own experience visiting websites when you are looking for a service, you need to give potential customers what they are looking for quickly. This means primarily you need an awesome homepage which will engage customers. Homepages have changed a lot over the last 5 years and one of the main differences is how long they are now. Your homepage needs to be an overview of your whole website, providing visitors the opportunity to click through to other pages for more in depth information.
  2. Showcase your work; this sounds obvious I know, but too often website owners sell themselves and their business short by using poor quality images. If you’re thinking of building a new website start taking lots of photos of all your work. Taking photos with your smartphone is fine just make sure you follow these quick tips; Always take photos in landscape – try to remove tools or anything ugly from the background of the photo – finished work is what potential customers want to see, they don’t care so much about the before photo.
  3. Video and drone footage works; potential customers love short videos of your work and are a great way for them to get to know you. Professional videos and drone footage are recommended for businesses dealing with clients who are spending a significant amount of money with your business.


Making a website look pretty is the easy part, getting potential customers to take action and call you once they get to your website is much harder. Don’t let your website leak potential customers to your competitors.

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