The process of building a website in Brisbane

If building a new website is something you are interested in, we have outlined the steps we go through and what we need from you to build a new website.

Summary of what we need from you to build a website

  1. Images – Ideally you will have between 20 to 50 images of your work (this can include images taken using your phone). If you don’t have enough images you also have the option of purchasing images online.
  2. Content – You choose if you want us to write your content for you ($220 for an average of 1250 words), or you are welcome to write it yourself.
  3. Design – We will provide you with design options for you to choose from based on example websites you have told us you like.

Step 1 – Website planning meeting

  • We meet with you for an hour face-to-face to plan out the entire website. This speeds up the whole process and allows us to start building version 1 of your new website much quicker.
  • In this meeting, we will ask you what services you would like to promote on the website. We can usually complete about 80% – 90% of the website in this meeting. We also collect your images at this point.
  • We will go through each page of the website and provide you options. We can also write the first draft of your content for the website based on the discussions we have with you (this is optional). We charge $44 per hour and our copywriters can usually produce roughly 250 words in an hour. Typically most small business websites will have about 1000 – 1250 words.
  • Before we start building we will provide you with a number of design options for you to choose from based on example websites you have told us you like.

Step 2 – Version 1 of your new website is built

  • After completing the website planning meeting and document we will build version 1 of your new website in about 2 weeks.
  • Version 1 of your website at this point is just a draft. We will send you a link to your new website which you will review and provide us with your changes.
  • Most changes are completed within 3 – 5 days.

Step 3 – Version 2 of your new website is built

  • Following your version 1 changes being completed, version 2 of your new website will be ready for your review. You will provide us with a list of the changes and we will complete them (again in about 3 – 5 days). This will be your last round of free changes.

Step 4 – Your new website is now ready

  • At this point, we implement basic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) on your website. We will also submit your website to Google for the keyword phrase you have chosen.

Step 5 – Your new website is live

  • Now you have a brand new website to promote your business online!
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